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1. Capacity Development and Capacity Building

If a training event does not lead to any practical application, capacities cannot be built up.

Discussion on master plan strategies during a Training-cum-Visit course with Indian urban planners (GIZ-project)

Field demonstration of an biological effluent treatment plant in Auroville, India

  • Capacity Building is the process of strengthening technical, procedural, organisational and institutional and intra- institutional capabilities of individuals, institutions and organisations.
  • The target groups of a capacity building programme are not only the participants as individuals but as representatives of institutions and organisations (target institutions).
  • The purpose of capacity building is to enable agents to competently execute their duties and tasks.
  • Capacity building goes far beyond technical skills (it is not only training, but training- plus). It always includes elements of
  1. building awareness,
  2. strengthening cooperation and integration among agents and their institutions,
  3. strengthening knowledge and skills to do the job within a given project,
  4. strengthening the technical capabilities of institutions and organisations,
  5. strengthening the regulative and integrative framework.

Capacity Development:
Capacity Building Programme - Human Resource Development


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Practical training with the German Technical Relief Agency THW
Practical training with the German Technical Relief Agency THW

The learning pyramid
The learning pyramid