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1. Environment - Landscape - Biodiversity

Ecologically compatible land use management will be a major challenge for TA in the coming decades. The relevance and urgency of this issue is still widely underestimated.

Scarcity of water or of raw materials is not the only factor hampering development in many densely populated countries. More often than not it is simply the scarcity of land. Hardly any country in the world avails sufficient land to satisfy the competing demand from agriculture, forestry, human settlements, infrastructure but also the need for sustainable protection and conservation of land based natural resources.

In addition existing land use patterns are often found incompatible with the environmental conditions of the region.
Rational, ecologically compatible and socially accepted use of land is an indispensable prerequisite for sustainable development. Consequently, all competing demands for land, its resources and its use have to be co-ordinated in a well planned manner. Inevitable conflicts have to be mediated and a compromise offering land for development by simultaneously ensuring the ecological balance of the planning region must be found.