Capacity Building in Disaster Risk Management and Reduction in India

Implementation of Capacity Building Programmes on Environmental Planning, adaptation of Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management for the Indo-German Cooperation (2007-2013)

Capacity Building in India

Advisory Service and Training industrial Disaster Risk Management (2007-2010)


India / Germany
1.Oct. 2007 – 31.Dec. 2010
15.Sept.2010 – 1.Aug. 2013
4. Aug 2011 – 31.Oct.2013


India, Germany



Description / responsibilties

Implementation of a Capacity Building Programme on Environmental Planning - Adaptation of Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management for the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development:
1. Advisory Service and Training industrial Disaster Risk Management (2007-2010)
2. Advisory Service and Training environmental knowledge, Civil Defence and Disaster Risk Management (2011-2013)
3. Implementation Activities for Sustainable Urban Development and Capacity Building (2010-2013)

  • Cooperation with the National Disaster Management Authority - NDMA, GoI, the National Civil Defence College, Nagpur (NCDC), the National Disaster Management Institute, Delhi (NIDM) and the Disaster Management Institute, Bhopal (DMI).
  • Establishment of a Capacity Development System for On-Site emergency plans, Off-Site Emergency plans , Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment and standardisation of drills including train the trainers programmes and networking of service providers
  • Assist and prepare Training Modules and Programmes t (30 training modules, now part of the regular training programmes) and a School programme for Civil Defence Youth Corps
  • 3 Study Tours with skills training with the Federal Agency of Technical Relief, the University of Potsdam for climate change adaptation and for industrial Disaster Risk Management.
  • Guide, prepare the Knowledge and Training Management Internet Platform for DMI, NCDC, NIDM and ASEM/IGEP Programme with advice, Hands on training for platform management (,,
  • Development of 4 train-the-trainers courses for sustainable urban Development and adaptation to Climate change in the field of Urban Sanitation and urban solid waste Management (for Municipal officers and ToT material)
  • Guidance of more than 80 training courses, workshops and drills (total of 4500 participants)


Project Manager, Senior Advisor, Trainer

The Cascading System for Human Capacity Development
Approach of the Environmental Planning and Disaster Risk Management Programme
- EPDRM 2008-2013 -

Background, output and imapcts 2008-2013